About Uligan

Belonging to Haa Alif Atoll, Uligamu (or Uligan) is an exquisite island located at the very northern of the Maldives. The waters surrounding the island are full of marine life and the sunsets especially are worth watching. The people of Uligamu are both courteous and kind, exceptionally welcoming of their visitors. Uligamu is also an outpost in the northwest Indian Ocean, where yachts and other vessels passing by are allowed to stop, rest and refuel before continuing their journeys. It is indeed an ideal location to relax.

Geographical Atoll Ihavandhippolhu
Administrative Atoll Haa Alif
Population 534
Closest Airport Apx. 46km, Hanimaadhoo International Airport (1 hour via Speed Boat from Airport to Island)
Distance to Male’ 330 km
Integrated Tourism Development Area 4,959 sqm
No. of Guest House Operators None
Transport Male' International Airport to Hanimaadhoo Regional Airport: 45 minutes Hanimaadhoo Airport to Uligamu Island: 45 minutes by Speed Boat


Historic Friday Mosque:

Modern mosque inspired by the famous and historic Friday Mosque (Hukuru Miskih) and minaret (Munnaaru) in the capital, Male'.The mosque was a donation to the island by the Ali Fulhu Thuthu Foundation (AFTF).

Uligan Beach:

Uligan is a beautiful tropical island, with soft white sand beach and magnificent turquoise blue lagoon. These peaceful beach areas at Uligan is where tourists can spread out a blanket and relax under the palm tree shadows by the crashing waves, inviting visitors to spend a day sunbathing on the pearly white beaches.

Island Forest:

More than half of the island is covered with tropical growth. Even though no harmful animals are found, there is also the famous old “Filigas” tree, which is rarely found in the Maldives.

Traditional Houses:

Coral rock used to be the main material for construction in Maldives. To own a coral built house was also considered prestigious and a reflection of good living. This traditional housing is now forbidden since corals are now protected but coral houses can still be seen at Uligan Island.

Uligan "Masfihun" BBQ:

Uligamu Masfihun (Barbecue) is the largest annual community event held in HA. Uligamu after every Ramadan. It is a Traditional Practice of more than 20 years, and is the largest annual BBQ event in Maldives. Locals as well as guests who visit Uligan around this time of the year are more than welcome to participate in this spectacular barbeque.